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Sorry Kylie, Clara Bow was actually the first lip maven

LIPS LIPS LIPS! I feel like they're juicer than ever, thanks to the Jenner/Kardashian tribe. BUT, a full pout is not a new desire. In fact, women have been over-drawing their lips for nearly 100 years. And for what reason?! Well, because it's sexy, it's feminine and gives the impression of vitality. Not to mention it balances the face.

So lets explore the lip trends throughout the decades. . .

1884 marked the first cosmetic lipstick available on the market. Before that, lip stains were made out of crushed jewels (I can get on board with that) and also crushed beetles (hey, whatever it takes.) There was an exclusivity to makeup at this time. It was limited to movie stars and musicians until about 1919. Clara Bow, a silent screen star, see above was one of the first women to over-exaggerate her upper lip shape in the 1920's. This is where the term Cupids Bow comes from. I see you Clara, you badass!

Yowza, look at this seemingly full pout. There is no doubt Marlene Dietrich was a dime. With those lazy blue eyes and perfectly proportioned nose. But, her natural lips were seemingly less than desirable and that's why she was one of the first women to master the over-drawn lips in the 1930's. Kylie, you're not so innovative after all. Marlene would even go as far as using tape to mimic a face lift. . . Genius!

Did Clara Bow inadvertently inspire Madonna and her lip shape choices? Madonna would beg to differ. Madonna, the Like a Virgin performer, has always been a pioneer in "don't give a f*ck fashion." But her overdrawn cupids bow is hauntingly familiar to the silent screen performer.

Madonna lip filler

In the 1990's Madonna opted for a plumper pout and obtained Hyluronic lip fillers. The 90's marked the point in time when lip fillers were truly successful. Attempts had been made at the beginning of the century with parrafin wax, which failed miserably.

2015 marked a true change in normalizing lip fillers. Okay okay, I'll finally give Kylie a LITTLE credit. This was the year that Kylie announced to the awe-struck world that she had received lip filler(sssss). Within 24 hours, the inquiry for lip fillers spiked 70%. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 27,000 Americans had lip augmentation treatment in 2015. That’s one every 20 minutes (gasp).

Kylie lips

In the summer of 2018, Jenner reported to having her lip filler completely dissolved. Three months later she reportedly had a touch up done. Couldn't stay away, could ya?! :)

Lip trends among women have always been a topic of conversation. Whether it be the shape or the on-trend color, lips will always be a feature women will gently nurture. I mean, isn't that why we have 17 chapstick tubes littered throughout our homes and in every coat pocket?!

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