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Ethical Botox

You‘ve heard your girlfriends talk about “watered down Botox.” And in all reality, this is something that could potentially happen. (I will preface this post as an educational piece for consumers and not a piece to point fingers.)

I will start this by saying that BOTOX® Cosmetic is my first choice as a neuromodulator medication. I’ve dabbled in other products and I personally feel like BOTOX® has superior smoothing effect and lasts longer than other competitors on the market. And no, I am not getting paid to say this :)

When I receive a little shimmering glass vial of BOTOX® Cosmetic, it is shipped priority overnight on dry ice. The toxin within that glass vial is in powder form. It is the job of the injector to “reconstitute” the product in the recommended way. Luckily, I don’t just throw some water into the vial, like the first statement might suggest. Bacteriostatic saline is actually the agent of choice to use when “reconstituting” the Neuromodulator. And I’ve done an exuberant amount of research about how to properly do it, whilst maintaining the integrity of the product. There could be a lot of ways to cut corners with BOTOX® Cosmetic. And that is why I urge you to do your due dilligence and research your injector and get to know them and their integrity.

What is their process of reconstitution?

How much do they charge per unit?

Do they charge a sitting fee?

Do they offer free consultations?

One of my favorite things to do for my patients is “Unit Mapping,” which is a part of a free consultation where together we map out your tailored treatment and we can see injection points and dosage.

“Unit Mapping” (seen above) is a great way to get together and analyze exactly what you personally need. Not to mention, then you know what you’re looking at for cost. BOTOX® Treatment takes less than 5 minutes and you will find you have your full effect 2 weeks post-injection.

Above is a before/after picture done at two weeks, for a first-time BOTOX® patient. Consultations are always free and very low-key. Reach out and we can do your very own custom “unit mapping.”


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