Whether you want to anti-age or plump your pout, we've got your perfect Lip Service.

The Dewy Lip

This treatment is perfect for the patient not necessarily looking to add volume to the lips, but instead looking to rid the lips of fine lines that make them look dehydrated. This is the anti-ager! 

Results last up to 9 months


The Upgraded Lip

The ideal treatment for the patient wanting a plumper pout, (Think Kylie Jenner, scaled back!) A beautiful mix of volume and subtlety. Grab your new favorite shade of lipstick because you'll want to show them off!

Lasts up to 12 months


The Lush Lip

If you're the right candidate for this treatment, its a lovely pairing. This treatment produces an attractive voluptuous lip while creating harmonious balance between the upper and lower lips. 

Lasts up to 18 months


We are proud to announce that Rylee will be attending Julie Horne's Lip Injection Master Class in 2020, which will build upon her already extensive Lip Filler experience. 


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