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  Face Contouring Packages  

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Chic Cheek + Lip plump

A micro cheek lift, for mild laxity and loss of cheek contour. Next focusing on eliminating creases extending off nose or pockets around mouth. And finishing with a specially curated lip plump, perfect for your pout.

Traditionally $2,800

Package Price $2,500

Savings $300

Chic Cheek/Chin combo + Lip Plump

A micro cheek lift paired with a chin reshaping treatment. Great for those with mild loss of cheek and chin contour. Polished off with a customized lip augmentation.

Traditionally $3,000

Package Price $2,550

Savings $450

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Petite Lift+Chin Contour

It's all about the lift! This focuses on rebuilding structure. Great for those wanting a Petite Face-lift. Focusing on the cheeks, jawline and/or chin structure.

Traditionally $3,200

Package Price $ $2,700

Savings $500


Great for rebuilding cheek structure for mild to moderate laxity. Focusing on cheeks and jawline. Next addressing creases extending off of the nose. And concluding with a tailored lip augment.

Traditionally $3,600

Package Price $3,000

Savings $600

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The Apex Lift+Lip Plump

The ideal treatment for those looking to lift and tighten facial structure. Great for moderate laxity and aged skin. This treatment can be tailored to just defining the cheek structure. Or can be broadened to explore treating other structural areas like chin shaping or jawline tightening. 
The Apex is finished with an anti-aging lip augmentation service. Specifically designed to rehydrate and redefine lip borders that often shrink related to the natural aging process.

Traditionally $3,800

Package Price $3,100

Savings $700